2 helicopter tours of Muscat with Al Sharqiya Aviation (ASA)

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Secure a unique opportunity to have a socially distant, airborne tour of Muscat!

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Discover Oman as you’ve never seen it before! Al Sharqiya Aviation (ASA) is Oman’s first commercial helicopter service provider.  With sponsorship from Petrogas, one of Oman’s leading E&P companies, you can secure a unique opportunity to have a socially distant, airborne tour of Muscat. Ride on Al Sharqiyah Aviation’s helicopter and experience the glittering waters of Al Khairan Bay, the deep legacy of Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts, and the bustling beauty of the Muttrah Corniche, all from hundreds of feet in the air. Each helicopter tour is 15 minutes, alternatively, it may be exchanged for a single tour of 30 minutes.  Bid for this alone or with friends!

  • This package will be available for 1 year from the date of the auction (expiry will be 24th August 2021).
  • Each tour has the capacity to host 5 adults (of the same household) or 3 adults of different households to maintain social distancing.
  • The meeting point is Muscat Bay, Qantab.


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