Welcome to ESO’s Environmental Big Night

Tickets for ESO’s Environmental Big Night In can be purchased below. 

By purchasing a ticket for the event, you are automatically entered into the raffle draw and eligible to win one of 30+ prizes.  Additional raffle tickets can be purchased here.

Event tickets are 10 OMR.
Event tickets plus food menus are 20 OMR.

We would like to thank Just Khao Suey, Mumtaz Mahal, Rice & Roll and Sprout for partnering with ESO for this event.  We have a delicious array of menu options available to those joining us in Muscat, so that you can enjoy an evening meal whilst watching the virtual event.   Each of our partners is donating a percentage of the proceeds to ESO and we are very grateful for this support.

All the meals will be delivered to your door between 3pm and 6pm on Monday 27th September, with the necessary reheating instructions, where applicable.

Full menu details from each of our restaurant partners can be viewed here: Just Khao Suey, Mumtaz Mahal, Rice & Roll, Sprout.

Event tickets will be available until Sunday 26th September at 10 PM.

Countdown until the event starts:

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